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Remember the bad old ways of handling workflows? Yes, tons of paperwork, thousands of unproductive hours, employees with no tasks to do. Well, this is all over with Haydreams Intelligent Automation.

  • Design smart workflows

    Every industry is different, that's why we customize beautiful and smart workflows for your special needs. In fact we have professional analysts who analyzes every step of your workflow and design the more efficient possible way of handling your tasks.

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  • Reduce unproductive hours

    You don’t need to be a business expert to know that unproductive hours means lost money. If you, or your employees are manually handling tasks that can be handled by a software, you are losing money. Let the humans do what humans should do, and leave the rest for technology.

  • Track everything

    Know exactly who is doing what, and archive the records and performance to get a better analysis of your company. No more unproductive employees getting credit for the work of their fellow partners. You know who is working and who is not.

We are now available across the globe

We expended our work zone and now offering our service in Canada, US, Mexico, Australia, UK, France and Spain.

  • Inbound Analyst ( Canada and US )

    If your business is located in Canada or US, analysts can be sent to your business place in the following week.

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  • Outbound Analyst ( Outside Canada and US )

    For Outbound Analysts it can take up to a month for reservations. Note that there will be fees related to travel and hosting.

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Discover how we can help your business grow

Book a qualified analyst to help you understand how we can change your workflow by adding technology and developing reliable and proven systems.

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The Process

We measure our success in how accurate our analysts have come to find workflow issues in businesses across the globe.

  • Fully qualified analysts with a big experience in operations, management and finance.

  • Documentation, guides, and recipes that make your team experts in using the new workflow.

  • Every new workflow is mesurable trough a well written and proven scheme.

  • Chat directly with our friendly engineers anytime if you need support.

Haydreams Analysts inspect every step of the workflow

Finding issues with the workflow and automatable tasks

Creating new workflow

Getting business approval

Give a team formation

Test solution

Engineering software

Check for other opportunities

Give a team formation